About Us – Gate Repair Prosper

For reliable, professional gate repair services for all your gate-related problems, call our company today. We cater to all forms of security gates and their corresponding issues. We also offer installation and maintenance services.

Our Gate Repair Services

The professional gate repair services we provide here at Gate Repair Prosper are some of the best around! We strive to deliver superior quality workmanship when it comes to repairs involving your gate and its supplemental parts and components. This means that we not only focus on gates, but also troubleshoot openers, fully automatic systems and even intercoms. If you already have gates at home that are showing the insidious signs of wear and tear, then avail of our maintenance services to optimize them. We’ll have them functioning optimally in no time. If we find that your door panels are misaligned or sagging, we’ll reinforce them with struts, cables or brackets to bring about the strength and stability required to keep them straight and rigid.

Gate Repair Prosper – All You Need in One Place!

Our many years in service have trained us to handle all sorts problems with both driveway and security gates effectively. Most gates will suffer from material-specific common issues like rot for wood, warping and even rust for metals such as steel or wrought iron. These common problems create secondary issues like partial breakdown of structural components leading to loss of function. When this happens to you, don’t hesitate to call us. We know the right techniques and have the right, high quality replacement parts for eroded or rotten pieces. If the damage is too extensive, we are also equipped to provide you with a replacement for the entire door panels and their corresponding components such as hinges, locks and openers. Hinges are constantly under physical stress, that’s why they are likely to be the ones that give out first. Yours may break due to sudden shearing forces, fall out of rotten posts or even disintegrate due to rust. Whatever the cause, we can reinforce your hinges to make them stronger or replace them with newer and more durable ones.

Our Installation Services

The professional services that we provide at Gate Repair Prosper are not confined to just repairs. We also perform installations of gates, replacement posts, hinges, gate openers, automatic sensors and intercoms. For gates, you have the choice between wooden or metallic materials. We’ll customize them according to how you want them. You can even work with both materials if you prefer to have it that way. If your gate is already up and what you’re looking for is automation, we can put in the right operator for your slide or swing gate. With this device, you’ll be able to open your heavy gate fully automatically or with a remote. We can also install an intercom system for you for your added security.

Call us today to avail of any of the abovementioned repair, installation and maintenance services for your gate.