FAQs to Help You Clear Your Doubts

We are a gate repair company which focuses on a number of services for all types of gates. These FAQs will help you select suitable services depending upon the make of your driveway. Clear your doubts with these questions and answers now.

Is a solar powered gate opener a good idea?

You can save a considerable amount of energy when the operator is powered by the sun. This type of opener is naturally best suited for areas with many sunny days during the year that are less likely to have cloudy weather. If you go for a solar powered system, you must ensure that it is designed to be reliable and durable.

Can gate hardware rust and corrode?

The hardware parts for modern gates are made of galvanized steel. This type of steel has protective zinc coating obtained during the process of galvanization. The coating prevents rusting by stopping the alloy from getting into direct contact with air and rainwater. If it is damaged, however, the risk increases considerably. The best way to prevent damage is to avoid using harsh cleaners for the driveway and to clean road salt timely.