Gate Openers

When it comes to complicated machinery it is almost always best to allow professionals to handle their installation. Gate openers are no exception. Many opener designers will release consumer friendly packages which are meant to be easier for amateurs to install themselves, but it can still prove to be an extremely challenging task. Many aspects of a gate opener need to be setup precisely for the system to work efficiently. Here we look at some of the things that can go wrong when gate opener installation is attempted and executed incorrectly.

Sensors Alignment

Gate OpenersAll modern openers will feature sensors that prevent the gate from hitting objects at any great speed. These devices are crucial and inherently sensitive. They must be aligned perfectly to work effectively and if installed incorrectly can cause the gate to seem disabled or faulty. One of the leading causes of gates to malfunction and behave oddly is due to improper sensor function. When safety and your property is at risk, many will decide having professional help with such tools is the best way forward.

Swing Gate Alignment

This can be another very sensitive obstacle. If you plan to fit an opener to a swing gate, the gate itself must be perfectly balanced and suitable for the equipment you purchase. If the motor and drive of the opener have to work too hard and are strained, they can damage more rapidly over the long term, leading to the need for further opener or gate repairs. An expert will be able to assess the conditions around your gate and install your opener to best suit those conditions, or advise on any adaptation that needs to be made.

Professional Gate Opener Services

Gate Repair Prosper can offer professional installation and repair services for those who don’t want to risk attempting inadequate DIY. We can ensure you have the best gate opener for your needs and preference, and that it is installed perfectly. If you think your gate opener needs either troubleshooting or repair, we have the expertise to be able to recommend the best solutions for your circumstances.

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