When you have any problem with your gate, give us a call for fast, reliable and affordable service you can count on! Take a look at the testimonials down below and discover what our past customers had to say about our gate repair services.

  • Automatic gate opener replaced

    “Our automatic gate opener froze up. It would make noise when we pushed the button but would not open or close the gate. After finding your company on a web search, I called for an appointment. Your technician spent some time looking at the opener, and then explained that it would cost nearly as much for repairs as it would for a new opener. We opted to replace the opener with a new one, and the new opener works perfectly. The technician recommended a few minor repairs to the gate as well, so he will be coming back to complete those. Professional and comprehensive service!” —Tamara Carlson

  • Trustworthy gate repair

    “I am always a bit uncomfortable calling someone that I don’t know for service – how can I know that I can trust them? I asked a few of my neighbors if they knew anyone for gate repairs and one of them said that you had fixed their gate last year and that he was pleased with the service. I looked you up and scheduled a service call. My neighbor was right, you are a good company to work with. Your service man was professional and did a great job fixing the issue with my gate! Thank you! “—Jim Smith