Gate Repair

Fixing Hinges, Tracks and More

Issues with the gate hardware are caused by all sorts of factors, from natural wearing to pebbles, which cause obstruction, and bending. Our job is to eliminate any problem effectively and quickly. If your hinges are squeaky and your gate seems uneven, rely on us for professional repair. We straighten bent hinges, replace worn ones and fix damaged welding. Our driveway gate repair services cover sliding units in addition to swing ones. A bent track can cause you a lot of hassle, but we know how to fix it and make it perfectly straight once again. Count on us for the fast replacement of broken rollers and other parts.

Expert Gate Opener Repair

Gate RepairThe electric operators designed for modern gates are quite complex and feature a large number of components, including solar panels in some cases. When your opener performs poorly or has stopped working completely, we will step in and troubleshoot it. Most often, there is a broken chain or gear involved. We will replace it quickly with a matching component to restore the system’s operation. Our automatic gate repair services cover the motor and all the accessories, from the photo eyes to the clickers. When repair is possible, we will do the job, no matter how complex it may be. Otherwise, you can expect quick replacement of the faulty component or components. With accurate installation and adjustment of the settings, you will enjoy perfect automated performance once again.

Gate Repair for Posts and Panels

Even the most advanced electronic equipment and the toughest hardware parts become useless when the posts and panels of the gate suffer damage. Water is the main culprit, especially when it comes to wood gates. In case of rotting, use our gate repair services right away. We will carve out the damaged wood and use a specially designed filling material. The sealant and exterior-grade paint will help to prevent such issues in the future. Iron and even steel gates aren’t fully protected from rust. When it is giving you a hard time, rely on us to get rid of it and to protect your unit in the best possible way.

Get in touch with us, at Gate Repair Prosper, today to let us know what’s wrong with your unit and to make an appointment.