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The world of gates consists of all sorts of potential problems. Hopefully, you'll not have to deal with any. But in case you do, it's useful to know who to turn to. Gate Repair Prosper services the entire area between Dallas and Fort Worth. Specializing in fixing automatic gates of all types has made us the no.1 go-to service company around. Our reputation for cheap services and excellent results don't hurt as well. As a gate owner, it's good to know what sort of problems you may encounter. After all, recognizing the problem is half the battle.

Gate Hinges and Tracks

Issues with the gate hardware parts are caused by all sorts of factors. The potential causes can range from natural wearing to pebbles stuck in the track. A sliding gate that keeps trying to close while there's an obstruction is going to damage itself further. Gate Repair Prosper specializes in eliminating problems effectively and quickly. If your gate hinges squeak when the doors open they either need lubrication or some welding repair. It all depends on the severity of the damage.

Common Related Problems

If your gate seems uneven, you'll need to have it adjusted. Failing to treat hinge and track problems in time will only lead to more problems. The Gate Repair Prosper team straightens bent hinges, replaces worn ones and fixes damaged welding works. Our driveway gate repair services cover sliding gates as well as swing-type systems. A bent track can cause a lot of hassle, but we know how to fix it and make it perfectly straight once again. For fast replacement of broken rollers and other parts, you only need to call.

Expert Gate Opener Repair

The electric operators designed for modern automatic gates are quite complex. These devices feature a large number of components, including solar panels in some cases. When your gate opener moves slowly or stops working completely, you need expert help. Gate Repair Prosper can step in and troubleshoot it. Quite often, there is a broken chain or gear involved. We will replace it quickly with a matching component to restore the system returns to proper operation. Our automatic gate repair services cover the motor and all the opener accessories. This includes everything from the photo-eye gate sensors to the remotes and clickers. When repair is possible, we'll replace the gate opener component with one of similar or higher quality.

Gate Post Repair

Of course, gate openers determine how smoothly the system moves. However, even the most advanced electronic equipment and the toughest hardware parts become useless when the gate posts and panels suffer damage. Water is the main culprit here. It's especially damaging when it comes to wooden gates. In the case of rotting, the affect gate posts will need repairs ASAP. Neglecting to treat rot will cause it to spread.

Fixing Wooden Gate Panels

Just like the posts, the panels of your wooden gate can also suffer from rot and warping. Not to worry, though. The team from Gate Repair Prosper will carve out the damaged wood. Then, we'll use a specially designed filling material to fix the area. The sealant and exterior-grade paint will help to prevent such issues in the future.

Metal Gate Repairs

While wood is a popular gate material, it's not the only one used today. Metal driveway gates, like ones made of iron and steel, also have some problems they can experience. Metal gates aren’t fully protected from rust. Not unless they're stained or galvanized. But even galvanized gate parts can have problems. If the zinc coating gets damaged, rust can set in. That's why, as soon as you notice an issue with your steel or iron gate, you need to let us know.

Cheap Gate Repair Services Near You

Get in touch with Gate Repair Prosper to get an affordable solution to any problem. Offering cheap repairs for driveway gates doesn't mean compromising on quality. You can save money and get a long-lasting solution at the same time. That's why many property owners near Dallas and even Fort Worth use us for all their automatic gate repair needs.

Swing Gate Post Repair

Swing Gate Post Repair

Hinge Welding Repair

Hinge Welding Repair

Driveway Gate Repair

Driveway Gate Repair

Sliding Gate Rollers

Sliding Gate Rollers


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