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The Best Technicians

The Best Technicians

Professional technicians who specialize in performing anything from complex repairs to new gate installation.
Superior Quality

Superior Quality

Only the best gate materials and name brand products.
Same Day Service

Same Day Service

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Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Keeping our prices fair and affordable has made us the leading gate service company near Prosper.

What We Offer

Custom made gates, effective repair solutions and same day service appointments available Sunday through Saturday.

Gate Repair

Gate Repair

From fixing the welding of the gate hinges to the most advanced opener motors, we offer a complete range gate repair services. All types of automatic gates and electric openers are serviced.


Gate Openers

Gate Openers

Our gate opener services include repair and upgrading, as well as maintenance and part replacement.  If you're looking for experts on gate opener installation to consult on a new model, we can help with that too.


Gate Installation

Gate Installation

When gate installation is done right, you don't have to worry about a lot of problems cropping up in the future. From iron swing doors to sliding steel/aluminum panels or even wooden gates. We can install any kind of driveway or garden gate.


Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair

Apart from fixing driveway gates, our experts also specialize in garage door repair services. Broken springs, opener issues, and much more.


Driveway Gate

Driveway Gate

Driveway gate problems are annoying to deal with, and sometimes dangerous as well. To avoid causing more damage to the system, it’s best that you leave things up to the pros. Read more here.


Iron Gates

Iron Gates

The beauty of iron gates for driveways gives the entire property a sense of elegance and style. Whether you need repairs or to consult with an expert on installation, we're the professionals to contact.


Wooden Gates

Wooden Gates

Hard to argue about the beauty and classic appeal of wooden gates for driveways and gardens. That's why so many people opt for sliding and swing wood gates for their Prosper properties. Find out more here.

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Local Automatic Gate Experts

Gate Repair Prosper specializes in fixing and installing driveway gates and their various parts. The team here is dedicated to providing customers with expert assistance on all related concerns. This especially includes automatic gates and their relevant parts. If you're looking for reliable automatic gate opener services for cheap near this part of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, simply give us a call. You may find the sliding gate got stuck or some electrical issue with the gate sensors keeping the opener from opening. Whatever the case, Gate Repair Prosper is the best local service provider to contact. You can get a same day response any day of the week.

Gate Opener Repair

If your automatic gate needs repairs, getting in touch with us for same day repairs is a good start. An automatic gate opener is an excellent addition to any system. However, these devices are subject to damages from a number of uncontrollable sources. Seeing as above-ground gate openers are constantly exposed to the elements, they can suffer from a range of weather-related problems. If your automatic gate opener starts acting u, you'll need an expert to lend a hand. A gate opener that's refusing to open or making too much noise during operation can quickly get stuck. That situation will leave you stranded and potentially locked inside or outside your property. Have an automatic gate opener expert take a look before that happens. If you're already in a jam, know that Gate Repair Prosper offers same day opener troubleshooting services.

Hinge Repair and Replacement

Your gate hinges are responsible for keeping it aligned and properly supported. They provide it with the means to operate smoothly and easily. Unfortunately, time, rust and galvanic corrosion are all forces which may lead to gate hinge failure. This can cause a problem for you and your family. When this happens, calling Gate Repair Prosper for help would be a good idea. Whether it's hinge welding repairs that you need or some other type of troubleshooting, you'll find us ready and able to provide that assistance. Taking proper care of your driveway gate and its hinges will lead to smoother movement over time and less daily or monthly hassle.

Gate Alignment Services

Has the passage of time caused your gate to start sagging? This is a common problem, unfortunately. The weight of your wood or iron gate may eventually cause it to become misaligned. A misaligned gate can put pressure on its components, eventually causing them to fail. Therefore, when this happens, it is best to have your gate realigned by a professional as soon as possible. And we would be happy to do it for you as part of our gate repair services.

Restoring Old Gates

As sturdy as driveway gates are, they are also liable to take damages from a range of sources. These problem sources are often out of your control. This is especially true for old wood gates which may warp or wear over time. The same goes for iron gates that have to work under adverse weather conditions, and have not been properly protected from the elements. Rust may quickly spread across iron gates in the presence of consistently damp weather. Rot can quickly undermine the protective power of wooden gates. Mild accidents may also be a cause for your gate needing repairs. Whatever the reason, Gate Repair Prosper services all areas this side of Fort Worth and Dallas. If you're in need of a new automatic driveway gate, you need only let us know.

Gate Part Replacement

Your driveway gate system is made up of a number of small moving parts. These components may become worn down over time due to the friction under which they operate. When this happens, it may cause problems for you with regards to the convenience of coming and going. It may also undermine the protection that your gate is supposed to provide. Should any part of your driveway gate opener become too weathered to work efficiently, you ought to get it replaced sooner rather than later. Same goes for any other part of your automatic gate system.

Call Gate Repair Prosper Today!

Keep that old or damaged driveway gate become a security risk for you and your family. Ensure you're properly protected by making seeing to it that your gate is always in top condition. If you need repairs of any kind, or want to upgrade your automatic driveway gate, just give us a call. The team at Gate Repair Prosper will happily give you a free quote on a new gate or fix whatever's causing the current system to malfunction.

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We recently moved into our new home and wanted to install a motorized driveway gate out front. Your team gave us tons of information and advice, and did an awesome job with the installation! Thanks for the great service!
Peter Broadbent
My driveway was dragging on the ground, so the automatic opener could no longer open and close the gate. You guys worked your magic and now the gate works again like new. Great service, thanks a lot!
Flora Patton
Thanks for helping me get a new gate opener installed. Your advice was very useful, as was the actual installation work you did.
Brandon Wimsy
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