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Welcome to our latest projects page. Down below, you can read summaries of our most recently completed tasks to get an idea of how our team operates when it comes to automatic gate repair and various other related services. Scroll down and take a look.

Wooden Gate Repair Near Prosper

Wooden Gate Repair

Customer Issue: A drunk driver crashed into Mrs. Scaar’s wooden driveway gate. The damage to the culprit’s vehicle was moderate, but the gate last two of its slats and cracked part of its frame. The customer wanted us to salvage the gate if possible, and replace it if not.
Our Solution: The damage to the lower frame was more than superficial, but not irreparable either. With wood glue and resin, we sealed up the crack and added what reinforcement we could without completely ruining the look of the gate. The wooden slats that the bumper hit head-on needed replacement, which we provided. The gate isn’t quite what it used to be, but Mrs. Scaar didn’t want to replace the entire thing if she didn’t have to.

Adi Scaar - Prosper
Gate Stuck Open Nearby Prosper | Gate Repair Prosper TX

Gate Stuck Open

Customer Issue: The customer’s double swing gate got stuck in the open position and wouldn’t close again.
Our Solution: Our team checked the safety lock first and didn’t find any problems, but the photoreceptor eyes were misaligned. Once they’d been reinstalled in proper alignment and the opener was turned back on, the gate had no further issues closing when there was nothing in the way.

Martin Lynch - Prosper
Fast Gate Repair Next To Frisco | Gate Repair Prosper

Gate Repair

Customer Issue: A light commercial sliding gate came off of its tracks due to prolonged wear on the track boundaries.
Our Solution: Our team took out the broken track and replaced it in the pavement with a fresh line which they cemented in place. Guiding the rollers back into the new track’s groove took concerted effort, but the end result was a smoothly sliding gate.

April Connors - Frisco
Cheap Gate Intercom Installation Near Celina | Gate Repair Prosper

Gate Intercom Installation

Customer Issue: The lack of an intercom system was making gate ownership too much of a chore for this customer.
Our Solution: A simple Doorking 1504 digital keypad and intercom system was easily added to the customer’s gate and hooked up to an indoors hub unit from the same company. The end result was a simple, but very reliable system suitable for Mr. Langdon’s purposes.

Robert Langford - Celina
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The Best Technicians

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Superior Quality

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Same Day Service

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